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moespom Nachhaltigkeit, Feld bei Sonnenaufgang in warmen Farben
Holistic consideration

We pay attention to every detail from field to consumer

Sustainably produced potatoes

People consume more resources than the earth is able to regenerate in any given period. This is why we need concepts that can offer intelligent solutions to the growing challenges that are now facing us. We want to help and this means carefully planned and positive collaboration with our suppliers, along the entire chain of value creation.

>> Anything that works against nature will not survive in the long run <<

Charles Darwin


Our fields are situated in the Moerzeke area, only 20 km away from our production site. This means we have short transport routes, which is not only environmentally-friendly but also ensures that our potatoes are always fresh.

Little fertilizer

It is important that our potatoes are healthy and of a high quality. So we try to ensure that soil, water and nature are protected to the greatest possible extent and only use as much fertiliser as is absolutely necessary.

Electricity saving

State-of-the-art machine drives, such as drum motors and bevel gear motors, have reduced the overall consumption of electricity for the processing of our potatoes by 12%. Furthermore, the entire lighting system for the plant and the building has been converted to environmentally-friendly LED technology.

Water saving

The potato fits perfectly into a sustainable world because, in comparison to other products, its cultivation requires relatively little water. The water required for processing the potatoes is cleaned and reused several times.


Plastic packaging creates a burden for the environment. We consider reasonable alternatives, such as paper, to package our potatoes and keep a close eye on developments in environmentally-friendly materials.

Renewable energy

We generate our energy in the form of solar power.

Moespom, Grafik erklärt Wasserverbrauch
Water consumption

We need water for the production of food. How much water is needed depends on the product to be produced. According to the American organisation Water Foodprint Network, the production of a single kilo of beef requires an unbelievable 15,000 litres of water. In contrast to meat, we use only 100 litres of water per kilo to produce potatoes. You can find further information on external website.

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