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moespom geschichte zeigt marktplatz in moerzeke 1925

People are acting in the marketplace around 1925

Milestones of our success

Moerzeke is a village in the Belgian province of East Flanders and is a part of Hamme. It is a rural, rustic village on the left bank of the lower Schelde. It was in this region that Gaston Verhelst founded the business in 1959. Through his daily commitment, hard work and expert knowledge on how to achieve a good product, he created the foundations for the business that exists today.

>> Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. <<

Henry Ford

1959 moespom gründung, gaston verhelst sitzt auf Pferd der Anhänger zieht
1959 | Founding

Gaston Verhelst and his brother Laurent found the company Moespom in Moerzeke. They specialise in purchasing good-quality potatoes from local producers, packaging them in 25 kg sacks and selling them at the nearby markets.

1962 | Growth

Gaston's brother dies in a tragic accident, but the company must keep going in order to secure an income for the family. Together with his wife, Gaston leads the company into the future.

moespom 1962, Gaston Verhelst mit Ehefrau
moespom 1983, Neubau Produktion
1983 | New production

The company grows at a steady rate and soon their old production methods no longer correspond to the increased requirements of the market. Together with his family, Gaston constructs a new building and invests in new washing and packaging facilities.

1992 | Handover

After many years, the founder of the business, Gaston, and his wife go into well-deserved retirement, and their son Laurent and his wife take over the running of Moespom.

moespom 1992, übergabe des unternehmens an Laurent und Arlette Verhelst
moespom 2008, neue Verpackungsanlage
2008 | New packaging line

The existing packaging facilities are now somewhat outdated and the demand for more quality and food safety has increased dramatically. Moespom decides to commission the construction of a new stainless steel packaging system.

2014 | Own cultivation

Stefan and Anthony, Laurent and Arlette's sons, join the business and the family starts to cultivate their own varieties of potato for the first time. At the same time, the family invests in a new incoming goods and warehouse hall in order to increase their processing capacity.

moespom 2014, eigener Anbau von kartoffeln
moespom 2018, neue Waschanlage von Gillenkirch
2018 | New washing line

The washing plant has seen better days and the family now invests in a state-of-the-art, stainless steel processing plant. In the course of the plant's construction, the company's first own advertising film is produced in collaboration with the manufacturer of the new facilities. At the same time, the existing website is reworked in terms of content and look, in order to enhance marketing of the company’s products in the long term.

2019 | 60 years

Moespom turns 60 and on that occasion we took our time and relaunched our image. Now we show on our new webseite all our expertise in cultivating, washing, packaging and selling top quality and tasty potatoes.

moespom, 2019, jubiläum 60 Jahre
moespom 2021, neue End of line automation
2021 | End of line automation

The existing packaging system is expanded with a modern robot. Now the packaging is automatically stacked in transport packaging.

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