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Moespom N.V.

Moespom Imagefilm

Quality since 1959

Moespom is a successful family business, now in the third generation of family ownership, and we specialise in cultivating our own regional potatoes, buying in other delicious varieties, and carefully processing and packaging the potatoes in an attractive way. With our long-standing experience and our enthusiasm for the very best in potatoes, we consistently create a healthy, delicious and high value product.

>> Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link <<


moespom grafik, Lieferkette
Supply chain

Because we have a strong sense of responsibility and a genuine interest in maintaining a healthy relationship between nature, our products and our customers, we succeed in ensuring a consistent level of quality, from the field right through to the end consumer. We pay special attention to building strong personal relationships with our customers and our suppliers because we know that positive collaboration in an atmosphere of mutual respect forms the basis for higher quality products and a pleasant working relationship and, in the long term, secures business success for all those involved.


Our philosophy does not end with your product. It's about seeing the whole thing. Starting with the cultivation of potatoes under environmentally friendly and regional conditions, through a hygienic and careful processing, to a customer-oriented packaging filled with a first-class product.


Our own cultivation of regional and tasty varieties of potato.


Regional varieties, as well as potatoes from other countries, such as Holland, France, Spain, Malta, etc.


Customer-focused, attractive and sensible packaging to ensure good presentation of our products.


Punctual, reliable and assured delivery to our customers.


Positive long-term collaboration with retailers and wholesalers, built on a foundation of mutual respect. Delicious high-quality potatoes mean happy customers.

>> We don't want to be the biggest, but the best. <<

Unsere Vision


To protect consumers, every batch of potatoes automatically receives a batch number as soon as they arrive, which remains with the goods throughout the entire process and is printed on the bags we have been packed. If necessary, we can use this number to determine the origin of the potatoes.


Mankind consumes more resources than the earth can renew at the same time. That's why we need concepts that provide intelligent solutions to the growing..


Quality is of the highest priority for us and, as a certified company, compliance with the legal regulations is something we insist on as a matter of course. You will find copies of our certificates to follow, available to download in PDF format. 







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